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Our Services




Stages of growth in organisations require different strategies and ideas. Ideas Kitchen Consulting & Associates offers expertise in the following ingredients.

  • Leadership Assessment & Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Change Management

  • Organisational Culture and Development

  • Strategic Planning 

    Recruitment & Selection

  • Retention Strategies

    Community Engagement

    Community Development



    Report Writing

    • Grant Writing & Submissions

    Emergency Management Policy & Planning

    Workplace Rehabilitation

    Teams and Groups

  • Working collaboratively is an ancient art form. Many complex human dynamics are at play and getting the most out of working together has enormous benefits and is worth understanding and doing well. 

    • Leadership Development

    • Team Building

      Team Training

    • Facilitation

    • Grant Writing and Submissions

    One life, one stage, one go! Make the most of it for yourself and inspire the people around you. Find your recipe sooner rather than later.

  • Personal Coaching

  • Career Guidance and Planning

  • Work Stress

  • GP Referrals

  • Grant Writing and Submissions

Our  Team

Georgena Watt
Organisational Psychologist

Georgena has 30 years experience as a psychologist in a wide range of roles within the profession across organisational, clinical, educational, forensic and military psychology. From corrections to CEO's, she has experience in trauma, rehabilitation, and deployment debreifing to strategic planning, and executive coaching with CEO's and management teams or organisational culture assessments.  She brings a unique blend of skills and approach to working with individuals and businesses to facilitate achievement of successful outcomes.   

Key Associates

Ideas Kitchen Consulting promotes a collaborative partnerships approach to achieve best outcomes.


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